Pair Programming

Johnnie Gonzalez
5 min readSep 30, 2020

As programmers you might have already heard that we’re pretty “lazy”. The ideal coding session would consist of as little amount of lines of code as possible. We’ve implemented this way of “lazy” into how we code and when it’s appropriate. Sure you can write 1000 lines of code and it would work, but you could probably cut that in half. With it still producing the same outcome. These methods include helper methods, SQLite, Active Record amongst many, as well as Pair Programming!

Pair programming is when two people come together in order to successfully complete the task at hand. Usually a project. Either given by their boss or like me given by their instructor at Flatiron Academy as a Software Engineering student….loud and proud! 🗣🎉

You might think to yourself “What?”, “How?”, and “Why?”. Well first and foremost the “Why” is answered above and we will definitely go through the pros of pair programming soon enough. The “How?” is where we take a trip into paired programming.

A week into my first Module, within the program, pair programming was definitely something they just threw us into. You had to both jump on a zoom call together discussing the project’s deliverables(tasks). From there we had to start coding together. There are two ways to do this through from my current experience at Flatiron. In person and remotely.

Most likely you and your partner will have “Github” accounts. Being the both of you do (hopefully) have accounts one of you will create a repository for the project. This will contain all the files within your project. The current owner of the repository can add a “Collaborator” through the repositories settings under the “Manage access” column.

Add your partners Github name to send them an invite

This way the both of you can work on the same project BUT on different branches → In your terminal “git checkout -b branchname” will make a new branch and cross your over into it as well.

During each session after making changes you would need to input into your terminal “git…

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